1988-1990 Epiphone X-1000 Electric Guitar (RARE) - $850 (Pittsburgh)

1988-1990 Epiphone X-1000 Electric Guitar (RARE) 1 thumbnail1988-1990 Epiphone X-1000 Electric Guitar (RARE) 2 thumbnail1988-1990 Epiphone X-1000 Electric Guitar (RARE) 3 thumbnail1988-1990 Epiphone X-1000 Electric Guitar (RARE) 4 thumbnail
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Ephiphone
model name / number: X-1000
Features to Highlight:

Neck-Through Construction: Offers superior sustain and stability compared to bolt-on necks.
Maple Neck and Alder Body: Known for a bright and resonant tone, which appeals to players across various genres.
Ebony Fretboard with Chevron Inlays: Provides smooth playability and a striking visual appearance.
HSS Pickup Configuration: Consists of two single-coil pickups and one humbucker, allowing for a wide range of tones from clean and bright to heavy and distorted.
Tremolo Bridge: Enhances the guitar's expressive capabilities with smooth vibrato effects.
Versatile Controls: Includes mini-switches for each pickup and a coil tap for the humbucker, offering extensive tonal flexibility.

Sound Characteristics:

Bright and Clear Tones: The combination of alder body and maple neck contributes to a bright, clear sound, making it suitable for clean playing and high-gain settings alike.
Excellent Sustain: The neck-through construction ensures long sustain, which is ideal for lead playing and solo performances.
Versatile Pickup Configuration: The HSS setup allows players to switch between different tones effortlessly, accommodating a variety of playing styles from rock and metal to blues and jazz.

Rare Model: As a lesser-known model from the late '80s, the X-1000 can appeal to collectors and those looking for unique guitars with vintage appeal.
Great Playability: Reviews often highlight the guitar's smooth neck and comfortable playability, making it a favorite among players who appreciate fast, intricate playing styles.

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