STEEL DECKING | Multiple Sizes Available - $75

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: HIGH LOAD BEARING CAPACITY
model name / number: STEEL B-DECKING
size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MORE⬇️MATERIALS

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STEEL DECKING | Multiple Sizes Available | Located in OHIO

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🟢$96.00 | 30"x22'x20ga-128lbs
🟢$91.50 | 30"x21'x20ga-122lbs
🟢$85.50 | 30"x20'x20ga-114lbs
🟢$75.75 | 30"x18'x20ga-101lbs
🟢$74.25 | 30"x17'x20ga-99lbs
🟢$85.00 | 30"x15'x20ga-85lbs
🟢$70.50 | 18"x25'x20ga-94lbs
🟢$57.75 | 18"x21'x20ga-77lbs
🟢$56.25 | 18"x20'x20ga-75lbs
🟢$51.00 | 18"x18'x20ga-68lbs

Dimension Notes:
Length is rounded down to the nearest inch.
Width is measured from the middle of the first rib to the middle of the last rib (See picture for reference).

Gauge Size: 20
Condition: Used | Material: Steel
Style/Type: B-Decking
backSTORY: A major warehouse company closed their doors and no longer needed the pallet racking and steel decking. B decking offers high load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for supporting heavy loads. It is known for its resilience and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage over time. How will you “repurpose” or “reuse” this steel decking?


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