Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution adjustable heel protector boot - standard - $35 (McKeesport)

condition: new
New, never used

Great for elderly and bed ridden.

Provides superior prevention of heel pressure injuries.
Is an effective tool for the treatment of heel pressure injuries.
Increases comfort while sleeping.
Increases mobility while not limiting the individual any further.
Lowers nursing time and costs over time
Experience the most of comfort and heel off-loading
Ankle support for the treatment of orthopedic problems

The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is an advanced medical device for single-patient use. It provides excellent comfort, pressure relief and quality care for all patients at risk of developing pressure injuries in the vulnerable heel area.

Heel pressure injuries are the second most common pressure Injuries in the world. Not only are they very painful, for healthcare organizations they are a very costly problem. Pressure injuries can often be prevented and treated by using pressure offloading technologies. Maxxcare has designed the Heel Pro Evolution. A unique heel protector that provides excellent heel offloading in combination with the most comfortable user experience, to help all patients around the world.

We have specifically designed our Heel Pro Evolution as an effective intervention to help prevent your patient from developing heel injuries and is a valuable resource in the treatment of existing pressure ulcers.

Your safety is our focus
The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is created with and supported by the advanced Maxxcare SmartTube air-technology, based on 25 years of research, development and experience in pressure care and pressure relief. This air-technology was developed by our partner Vicair and offers the best solution for heel offloading, heel protection and comfort.

Advanced Heel Offloading Device

Completely offloads the heel and provides superior Heel Pressure Injury Prevention.

Maximum Comfort

Excellent safety and comfortable experience.

Protection against shear and friction

Offers maximum protection against shear and friction forces and prevents pressure on the Achilles Tendon.

Lightweight air therapy

Best option for the redistribution of pressure.

Machine Washable

The Element of Air

Air is the best medium for the redistribution of pressure. But working with air usually has two mayor disadvantages: Air is unstable and air leaks. With the invention of the Vicair SmartCell – on which the Maxxcare SmartTubes are based – Vicair tackled both issues and made it possible to effectively work with air.

Maxxcare SmartTubes

The Heel Pro Evolution’s air-filled SmartTubes are based on this award-winning Vicair Technology. By using this innovation we are able to offer patients and caregivers an advanced heel offloading device that is comfortable, lightweight

MaxxCare Heel Pro Evolution
New design features an improved lift of the heel, improved fit, and improved fixation
Features a comfortable and stable fit
Protects against heel decubitus and shear forces
The Heel Pro Evolution does not influence mobility and the mechanically strong air tubes allow the user to walk with the Heel Pro Evolution on.
Support quick wound healing
Prevents drop feet

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