Investment Opportunity Overview for Private Lenders (Pittsburgh)

High-Return Investment: Earn 12% annual returns with monthly payments over a 5-year term.
Loan Details:
Loan Amounts: $25K - $40K
Term: 5 years
Payment: Monthly

Secured Investment:
Asset-Backed: Loans are secured by homes purchased within the same price range.
No Credit Checks: Simplified process with no credit checks. We are happy to submit our credit, but this is a 100% secured loan from the lender and we do need to do credit checks on the occupants as they either pay or dont pay. If they dont pay, we keep their deposit and find another occupant. They almost always pay; we offer them the chance of a lifetime to be a home owner.
Our Process:
Home Purchase: We identify and purchase homes using the loan capital.
Financing: We provide financing to home buyers.
Monthly Income: Payments from the financed homes are used to make monthly loan payments.
Loan Repayment: The loan is paid down over the 5-year term, ensuring consistent returns.

How Do We Find Buyers So Easily?
Buyers in this price range often cannot obtain bank loans but can typically afford $900-$1200 monthly payments. These payments are almost always lower than what they would pay in rent, making our financing option extremely attractive. As a result, buyers are eager to purchase these properties, knowing they will own their homes while paying less than they would for rent.
Benefits to Buyers:
Simplified Approval: Proof of income only, no need for bank approval.
Fast Closing: Quick transactions without excess fees.
Flexible Purchase Option: Buyers can purchase the home at any time for the listed value in the contract, avoiding future interest and principal payments.
No Penalty Exit: If buyers cannot perform, they can leave without penalty, and we will market the property to a new buyer.
Your Benefits:
12% Annual Returns: Steady, high returns paid monthly.
Full Security: Your investment is 100% secured by the property.
Hassle-Free: We handle all aspects of financing and payment collection.
No Fees: We do not charge any fees for this investment opportunity.

This is a straightforward and secure investment opportunity with high returns and minimal risk, ideal for lenders seeking reliable income.

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