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update: I will have hours at the fryburg location on every other saturday, unless otherwise noted, starting jan 19th

Been busy ...have the largest amount of stock ever now, from 8 tracks to all in ones to speakers...even have a couple set of tower speakers. stop by this weekend, and most everything supports turntables.

have a LOT of new units this weekend and some amfm stereo oddities for collectors, and, speakers. I am once again speaker rich.

also bringing in 3 crates of more records and having a huge buy two sale....time to stock up.

change: we closed the pittsburgh location at the lincoln highway hub in december...all audio is now at fryburg exclusively.

Current highlights:

* 1978-79 MCS (the rare made for JC Penney brand) 3207 - classic look, fully loaded entry level fully restored
* 1984-85 MCS 3237 - similar in look for the pioner SX5 with more power and more presets, fully restored
* 1988-89 fisher RS-911A - with remote, a 100watt unit value priced at only $35 - very good looking and sounding. fully refurbed.
*1977-78 Pioneer SX650. This could use new wooden sides made for it, but was fully restored inside with numerous known problem areas modernized, ready to go another 40 years at 35 watts.
* 1976 realistic STA-84. 28 watts tuner with magic tune. very nice and restored especially all the difficult electronics in the tuner, does phon0 - at fryburg
*1982ish pioneer SX5 30 watt non switching pioneer amp - complete ground up amp rebuild. small form factor and big pioneer sound. does phono and at fryburg
*1984 magnavox amp and tuner. dont let the name fool you, they were in the biz too and this is not a toy. full of sanyo parts. 40-45 watts per channel with a great tuner. does phono (in fact the matching turntable is at fryburg) - located at fryburg
*1975ish concord CR100. concord was a huge american electronics company that made tape decks and in the 70s built real stereos. updated the amp, it does phono, 5-10 watts, at fryburg
*mid 1970's panasonic se-507. This is a quad unit. lower power - 5 watts per channel, but has *4* channels. its pretty, tunes well, LED lit and does phono - at fryburg
*1973ish motorola SK109GW - their entry into bedroom/den/dorm - 10 watts, very clean silver face with a CERAMIC phono input (keep that in mind) at fryburg
*1973ish BSR/Macdonald 40A a very nice silver and wood small form factor receiver with 10-12 watts and phono input - at the hub
*2000ish RCA receiver - 100 watts, great FM, jacks for CD, ipod etc, no phono input! I have 1 of these, restored and ready to blast
*2000ish yamaha HTR-5740 with home theatre capability. 100 watts into 6 channels. it is the daily driver at fryburg as it has one of the best tuners I own.
*1984 sanyo 20 watt amp/tuner combo with phono input. very highly regarded amp for smaller rooms

many restored tape decks with new belts. I am concentrating on doing silver face piano key type tape decks to match vintage stuff but also have a few more modern ones.

More coming and since I have 20 customer units to work on, I am scattering in my repairs in between. I am letting people set my schedule. I have in the wings waiting for restore:

pioneer SX9,, sx750, sx3700
kenwood KR4600
nikko 3035
superscope R340
Marantz 2252B

any many more. I am doing 5-100 watt units

update to my 8 track guys near fryburg: I finished 2, a sears portable, AC/DC powered, restored. not stereo - single channel

a turntable, realistic lab1000. belt drive, completely rebuilt and it has a built in, switchable pre-amp so ot can be used on ANY machine

also, I have been asked for lower priced entry level turntables. well I have 2 running now, a 1984 magnavox (also have the matching stereo it came with) built for mag in belgium. I rebuilt it, new belt and needle. This one has a built in amp that is switchable so you can run it with ANY receiver, even if it does not have a phono jack. both have perfect dust covers.

to the person who bought the lafayette LR1500TA - keep in touch - that is a special unit with over 40 hours into it - it was designed to play vinyl and should last another 40 left behind the folder with the 'birth certificate' listing what I replaced and an almost impossible to find service schematic

fryburg PA, show contact info - upstairs

the repair shop is located in the pittsburgh area- irwin to be exact. You no longer have to take your items to the fryburg location for drop off. I have worked off most of my backlog such that after this weekend all current customer units are done and only my stuff remains.

Receivers, amps, tuners, tape decks (just added a new 8 track RECORDER), CD players, DVD players and a box truck load full of speakers.

Every item for sale has been lovingly restored. Been in this hobby (restoration) for about 15 years, collected forever it seems. My parts come from mouser, digikey, parts express and others. Long term AK and VK member.

email for directions. I do not want to ship anything. dont trust the services. come see, hear, buy. No scammers...aint my first rodeo so tales of overseas deployments and shipping agents wont fly. no trades.

(yes I do fix stuff for people but golly it takes a while for me to get to it...)

I attached some sample pics (note: I like to do LED conversions because they look cool and the bulbs are hard to get, in the pics some things look bluer than they are because the UV given off by 'white' LEDs fool the digicams and I do not photoshop, only units who by design have green or blue (or combo) displays are that color. if it looks really ultra blue, its actually bright white - you will see for yourself)

save $$ - I moved this stuff to a consignment store - they charge *a lot* to handle the sale 7 days a week. If you however meet me, I can save you some $$

A few notes: explain to me what you are looking for and how it will be used...for example, will you be listening to records? just radio? CDs or tapes? XM?

For all records and most CD/tapes you want a 2 channel machine or 2 channel capable machine and speakers that fire towards you to reproduce the sound field with which they were recorded. Classical or jazz--not so important and there tends not to be that much clear definition of stage placement. XM radio - has the WORST bitstream quality of stuff you will listen to, far worse than MP3, WMA, FLAC crap and way way worse than CD.

Most of your listening will be well under 1 watt, size of speaker is not as important as overall response and efficiency. But if you get super large speakers, you need a machine that 10-15w is at least the middle of its power range. Trust me, your wife will kill you if you prolonged listen at over 10 watts.

I have talked people out of buying stuff I want gone because it just wont work. So when you write me, be clear on what you want to listen to and where it will be.

Of note: you can drop off and pick up repairs in the irwin area now and no longer have to drive up to cook forest. I do this as a hobby and not a business so turnaround time can be large at times due to backlog.

I dont like to do 8 tracks or R2R as no one uses them and parts are hard and your tapes are junk - you just wont be pleased unless you found someone to make 1/4 polyester tape.

cassette decks: only sometimes. I do fix turntables, refoam and crossover speakers (no woodwork) and my bread and butter are the stereos themselves.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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