NEVER USED Pirate 1960 World Series Ashtray - $90

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Boy, Do I remember it

For those that have not had the pleasure of this experience, Let me remind you/
Yankees were heavily favored. Maris and Mantle, the MnM boys,
Yankees had all the home run hitters, and the best pitching staff.
Yankees won 3 of the first 6 games by a total run advantage of 33 runs, by an average of 11 runs a game
Pirates won 3 of the first six games by a total of 6 runs, exactly 2 per game.
In the 7th game, it was tied 9 to 9 going into the 9th inning, Bill Mazeroski hit a home run in the bottom hald of the 9th inning, for what most people still say was the best game 7, best walk off HR ever in a World Series.
Of course, in 1960, I was 13 yo, and we could not afford to go to the ballpark for world series games. (watched them all on black and white TV)
The next year (1961) my dad took me to a pirate game, and used my birthday money ($5.00 in 1960 was close to $100 today.) to buy this memorial Ashtray at Forbes Field.
No one has ever smoked in my house, so it has definately never been used.
I have enjoyed reliving the memory many times with this ashtray, but now I want to gove it up to someone who will appreciayte it and keep the memories alive.
I am now 76yo, and ready to give it up. I saw this exact ashtray being sold in Ebay for $100 + $10 shipping, and it was used. So I know my unused one has to be of much greater value monitarily.
So I am selling this New one (UNused) for same price of $110.
There are not many of these in existence, not many to start with, and then is they were used, they are tempered glass, and I'm sure many have broken. So I'm sure it is worth much more than $110., but I don't want to take it to my grave, so SOMEONE please buy it who will really appreciate it. I have had it for 63 years.

Byn the way the ashtray gives all the scores of the games, winning pitchers, all pitchers, catchers, infielders, outfielders and coaches,
Game 1 Pgh 6 / NY 4, WP = Law
Game 2 NY 16 / Pgh 7 WP = Turley
Game 3 NY 10 ? Pgh 3 WP - Ford
Game 4 Pgh 3 / NY 2 WP = Law
Game 5 Pgh 5 / NY 2 WP Haddix
Game 6 NY 12 / Pgh 0 WP = Ford
Game 7 Pgh 10 / NY 9 WP = Haddix-- Hurray, Best world Series Ever

Even though I was only 13, I remember most of the games, and how the Yankees would slaughter us in their wins, and We would just squeak by in our wins.

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