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re re relpy iso

Fox news being sued pic

99 wtae thumbs down 99 (Pittsburgh)

SAT Questions

Coon Manhood

Without Whitey

Jim Rutherford

53 Re: state of the union 53

30 Rumors & Lies about me must be corrected ****Attetion Gbg gossip queens** 30 (greensburg)


Re: Noisey Honda (Pussyburgh)

Someone say Marshall Law? pic

MIKE HUNT, why not call yourself Hu Geass? pic

state of union (USA I think)

" seeded some power" (LOL)

Re: Keystone XL pipeline

CL might not be able to tell which came first the chicken or the egg. (However.....)

why pic

"because educated people vote Demacrate"

re caught with a hooker

35 re state union 35

state of union

99 Re..Keystone XL 99 (Greensburg (Greeny))

RE: Keystone XL

Oh joy! The list of "acceptable". . . ("Buzzwords" is growing!)

caught with a hooker

What our "HEROES" think. . . (Of you. . .)

Noisey Honda (Bethel Park)

To:State of the Union - 55, Thank you for providing. . . (The "Proof"...)

55 Keystone XL 55

re my email reply iso

educated people vote Demacrate? (Yes. . . Yes they do!)

55 Re: State of the Union 55

50 Penguins lost @ Asses kicked 50 (shittsburgh)

Cheating in the NFL

NFL fans - sign the petition

99 re to my reply 99

Jews? Are you quite sure? (can't criticize who?)

Heeee's baaaaacccckk pic

RE He is back

Just dont get it (GOPVILLE)

He is back pic

RE The real problem with U.S. (TURNIPVILLE) (No, the real problem is....)

re re I'm serious (why so)

something better than nothing pic

re tipping


96 Re tippppping 96 (dumbassville) pic

Re dude beat up

little tipper, its Mike Hunt (not mike cunt)

The real problem with U.S. (TURNIPVILLE)

100 Re tipping greensburgh 100

re Tips

re: man beat up outside Blue Moon

RE: Tipping (Greensburg)

5 Re-tips 5


Gy man beat up outside bar

41 new governor 41 (harrisburgh) pic

100 RE tipping 100 pic

bad tipper, big loser, ass baby (cheapville)

?What people need to do is wise up and stop tipping anybody (Sounds logical. . . However)

now thats funny (schmear ur lips)

to the bad tipper (and not so witty)

20%r pic



Re: Tipping

Blcck lives matter march pic

100 Re tipping 100

re: Tipping (up yours)


Yoga pants

41 Male Masturbation Technician 41 (Downtown)

Black March

21 BLACK LIVES MATTER and the rest of you too 21 (EVERY WHERE)



29 In Re: I'm serious 29 (Pgh)

RE: Is there any Good Women out There?

My problem with the racist chant "black lives matter".

re I'm serious

Tipping (my pocket to yours)

re: groupon tips (dumbassville) pic

I'm serious (Pittsburgh)

Re: Re: Tipping

re: Yoga pants

Happy Martin Luther Welfare Day Like throwing a party every year to (celebrate the day you got herpes.)

re I get it

RE Tipping (RealityLand)

OK, I get it...MLK and issues of race...please, just stop!


tipping (fridays north hills)

RE: RE: women/worst drivers (pittsburgh) pic

what is it

Groupon cheap asses (PGH)

RE: women/worst drivers (pittsburgh) pic

JW writing to you too? (Club Pittsburgh) pic

Re: Swing club Nazi

hey jw, it's a date (at the swingers club.)

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