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more jokes

96 could it be Hunt Balls? 96 (courtroom)

Re Joke of the day pic

59 re: No more high taxes for me 59 (Yep....) 59 (Yep!)

jokes for the day (pitts)


No more high taxes for me 59 (Yep....)

Re-jerk who is obsessed with. . . (Jerking in traffic - 25 (anywhere))

25 Jerking in traffic 25 (anywhere)

59 No more high taxes for me 59

RE- Oceano 21; your post was well written (However. . .)

50 Found The Perfect Playmate 50 (Near Me)

RE: Low Life POS... (Scratching head) pic


Re- Re; Great idea (EGADS!!!!)

Re-Re: Help save America (Hell) (excellent suggestion. . .)

Re; Great idea

99 UPMC Doctors: 99 (Greensburg (Greeny))

Re: Help save America (Hell) pic

49 're: laser spine institute 49

21 Oceano 21

30 right now 30 (pittsburgh)

Great idea! (Monroeville)

RE: Which Katie?

Which Katie?

Help Save America!

Hope and Change from the other side

28 reReTard F-u real lowlife 28 (out its ass it shouts)

re Fuck You, You lowlife

54 Ron Braun Shaler Etna 54 (Shaler Etna)

49 RE: Mt. Lebo School District 49

This is not racist. . . (Unless you're guilty of stereotyping)

EDM Events (Raves)

30 Natural bush u say heh?! 30 (Hairyassburg)

"she won't be getting this Republican mother vote!"

re: Republican porn

Republican porn

Mt lebo school district officials hiding ebola virus

re: repub porno star/ex porn star

Re: republican porn stars (Bge )

45 Natural Bush (on guy) 45 (South)

republican porn star

re: Republican star (cannonsburg)

re Repub porno star

Re Republican ex porn star

re:republican pornstar (hotsville)

Republican Porn Star pic (Oh hell yea!)

32 re: Republican Porn Star 32 (pgh)

Gas prices (coraopolis)

re Jerking in traffic (B.G.E. )

YES or NO (Earth)

Worthlessberger , same old same old pic

Worthlessberger and garbage defense

18 gay as in not interested in men 18 (Pittsburgh)


Not-A-Nazi pic

Build new elementary schools

Double Standard

road rage! (10th street bridge)

RE- Jerking in Traffic (Pittsburgh) pic

re: Ebola virus Mt leb school district (east liberty) pic

i love this double standard

re re mike hunt

Voter qualification test. . . (Q & A)

S.L.U.T. (ooh u so slutty)

re mike hunt sucks (bbd)


29 What makes a slut? 29 (Pittsburgh)

99 Re....401k 99 (Greensburg (Greeny))


Re-re-canned hunt (everywhere) (Waffles. . .)

the steelers are terrible, alright pic

Re-re-401(k) (I will assume. . .)

Re. 401K

66 can't sell on craigslist 66 (bethel park)

Hey Dave!


59 re: My 401K Is Horrible. How Is Yours? 59

"My 401K Is Horrible. How Is Yours? 62 (Pittsburgh)" (cat food is better than dog food.)

canned hunt *neither the OP nor the replier*

62 My 401K Is Horrible. How Is Yours? 62 (Pittsburgh)

the Williams brothers

Why is it?

re re re canned hunt

re: re canned hunt

re canned hunt

Canned Hunts (Disgraceful)

Re: I should be having sex

I should be having sex (downtown)

"You would get more money in your budget if you turned republican too.

Another Tragedy For A Local Family

Re: vote democrat?

Re: Trying to understand (Pittsburgh)

99 Government yak, yak again 99 (Greensburg (Greeny))

The top 10 Reasons to vote Democrat (FreeStuffForAll)

Dave, (you can't suck me either)

mike hunt fucks chikens


re puck up your work boots

Trying to understand

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