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Recycle for recovery: Donate your Gadgets. (Stowe Twp.) map

Merry ******mas my lib friends (everywhere ) pic

Another Politics Fail JA? (Pitts...JA Prefers Bottom) pic map

re: Attn The White Coward that uses the N word (get your nose checked) (Mr A knows) pic

The affordable care act. . . (More doublespeak)

Democrats and Obie are Nuts! (Johnny A.)

Pitts.... you are one sick MF (Johnny (Amazingly) Awesome)

re2: re Sorry, Haters pic

Pitts.... Drugs too strong dude? (Johnny Awesome Always)

education, Or. . .? (Inculcation)

Stickin To Dat Story Aye JA? (Pitts..Johnny (Bottom) Awesome) pic map

Attn The White Coward that uses the N word (get your nose checked)

re Sorry, Haters: (More lies and deception by nuts)

oh ya thanks obama! (ahc sucks ass)

Sorry, Haters: Here's Another Big Way Obamacare Is Working As Planned pic

Little Johnny (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome)

Lessons to be learned (Awesomely Johnny)

the bad white race

re:black justice / White Cowardice pic

Re: Proof Gruber was right (Pitts...Yinz Repubs Is Stupid) pic map

black justice / White Cowardice

Proof Gruber was right map

black justice

cops are wrong and things need to STOP

Re: Obama Review (Pitts..JA Makin Fast Cash!) pic map

Correct, a thug is a thug (A Independent)

pitts is a heterophobe and a bigot!! (but not gay or racist!!)

Many Judas! (Pitts..JA Thinks He's Beloved) pic map

Fake Army Soldier map

re: Liberal job numbers (everything is BS to those who disagree)

pittsboar speaks how he truly feels (Niles..exposing his true behavior ) pic map

smoke and mirror liberal job numbers... (Mr. Right) map

Pretty Risky JA, AJ, BJ Whatever (Pitts..Angering The Little Man) pic map

Pitts...takes a stab at politics and fails again (Johnny (smacking Richard) Awesomely)

For Our Fox News Watchers (Pitts...Despite The Obstruction) pic map

Another One Rears Its Ugly Head (Pitts..A Co-Worker JA?) pic map

Re: Steamy (Pitts..JA Back In Business) (Awesomely Johnny)

pitts the loser (dream on)

Spoken Like A True....... (Pitts..JA Got His Groove Back) pic map

A thug is a thug (black or white)

Steamy (Pitts..JA Back In Business) pic map

Re: One of many lone liberals (Awesome and Always Johnny)

abolish obamacare (another lone liberal)

Re: re file Mr Right (Mr. Right) map

Thanks Monro (One of many lone liberals)

RE The usual J.ack A.ss A.sinine (One of many lone liberals) (Monroeville)

The usual J.ack A.ss A.sinine (One of many lone liberals)

Re: One of many lone liberals (J.A.A. ) pic

Re: "ROFLMAO - THAT SforB BUNNY RABBIT... (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome) pic

Mr. Duh Liar Right (One of many lone liberals)

re comrade vet biker farmer (poser)

re file Mr Right under DUM pic

Poor Pitts and he other personalities are piteous (Awesomely Johnny)

comrade vet biker farmer (poser)

re comrade and the puke (liberal waltz)

he says he did...they say he didn't... (Mr. Right) map

Mr. Duh Liar

File under duh... (Mr. Right) map

COMRADE? Really? (Pitts..Johnny's Papa Maybe?) pic map

puke liberal posthumous defense (of ruination)

If its Important Enough..... (Pitts....JA Will Find The Time) pic map

Re: Re: Mr. Right's (Ignorant not stupid)

Re: Mr. Right's (Mr. Right) map

The Writ Quo Warranto Press Release (Allegheny County) pic map

J.A. stands for............ (still not davy or pittsboar or..........)

Please help us get our Constitutional Rights back!!! (allegheny county) pic map

Lies vs Facts.... Pitts takes a beat down by Awesome (J.A. or A.J.)

RE: Smart people believe! Do you?

Its Easy To Tell When Its The Truth (Pitts..JA's Transparent!) pic map

Smart people believe! Do you?

Richard claims he made up with his ex-bf (Johnny's Mom)

Mr. Right's Ignorance (The Natural/Real World)

pittsboar does it again?? (Niles..exposing his life) pic map

Pitts... Back to his story telling about himself (Awesomely Johnny)

What Isn't Comedy! (Pitts..JA Must Have Cried Enough) pic map

No more comedy (Awesomely Johnny)

Hey Pitts... er I mean A Independent (Johnny's Mom)


Re: Re: More of the same (Mr. Right) map

Re: More of the same (are you sure it's not worse than that?)

re What to do to prevent problems with the police (you're correct)

More of the same...failed government schools... (Mr. Right) map

What to do to prevent problems with the police! (Butler, Pa) map

Ben Carson For President 2016? (A Independent)

sooooo close pittsboar (Niles..exposing his mistake ) pic map

it does surprise me... (Niles..exposing why) pic map

Who Is Eligible, and for How Much (Awe some ly J.)

Re: Johnny (Cries Wolf) (Johnny Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!)

The Liberal Spin....Pitts knows (J.(A)A.)

It Doesn't Surprise Me! (Pitts..Smakin The OH Hilljack!) pic map

Capt. CAPSLOCKS is back! (Pitts....Does the Capt. Character Again)


A preview/rerun of what's to come (A Independent)

Thanks to the turd...70 fucking %... (Mr. Right) map

BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! (Johnny (Cries Wolf)) pic

re wait, what?

Re: Spin Spin Spin Johnny

Re: Am I davy??? (Wait I thought I was Mr. Right)

wait, what?

Not a little nazi propagandist says Mr. Right??? (Am I davy???)

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