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re: its on - m4w (the Basement) (the Morgue) [xundo]

greensburg lady in walmart - m4w (greensburg) [xundo]

24 smoking hot NA teacher - m4w 24 (pittsburgh) [xundo]

45 Girl in red Jeep on 19 - m4w 45 (route 19) [xundo]

Darla P - m4w (Cannonsburg) [xundo]

Serious question for you ladies - m4w (north side) [xundo]

helping hand - m4w (oakland) [xundo]

You were such a BEAUTIFUL LADY!!!!!!!!!! - m4w (A legion) [xundo]

turning left onto the 6th st bridge - m4w (Duquesne blvd) map [xundo]

Black car at body shop - m4w [xundo]

your name is shorty - m4w (by the river) [xundo]

45 pitts mills walmart - m4w 45 [xundo]

The "gifted" blonde at The Y - m4w (New Brighton) map [xundo]

looking for lora - m4w (greensburg) map [xundo]

Sexy blonde - m4w (Lowes uniontown) [xundo]

Pizza Hut waitress. - m4w (Route 21 near Carmichael) [xundo]

When you're hot I'm cold. and vice versa - m4w (In my mind) [xundo]

Missing you - m4w (Washington) [xundo]

Connelsville -valley dairy. - m4w (Connelsville) [xundo]

Gail - m4w (mon valley) [xundo]

28 Kelly hippiechick from slippery rock area - m4w 28 (Pittsburgh) map [xundo]

55 Jazmine & Happy hour - m4w 55 (Pittsburgh) pic [xundo]

katie - m4w (uniontown) [xundo]

brandy - m4w (masontown) [xundo]

cynthia - m4w (uniontown) [xundo]

Looking for the dime road lady - m4w (Dime road area) [xundo]

Re: Letting Go M4w&W4m - m4w (Not this world) [xundo]

32 Kristen - m4w 32 (Local pub) [xundo]

Re: Letting Go - w4m - m4w [xundo]

Blue pants - m4w (Hop house on babcock) [xundo]

Asst. Mgr 7-11 - m4w (Zelienople,Pa) [xundo]

Tom Sawyer can play the piano..... - m4w (My brain) [xundo]

Cute little black haired woman at Foo Fighers concert - m4w (First Niagara Pavilion) map [xundo]

60 Looking for LB who worked at A&L - m4w 60 (Monroeville) map [xundo]

Girl at x-fest 2 - m4w (stage ae) [xundo]

Idaho st not valley stream - m4w (Export) [xundo]

28 L'Occitane Store girl - m4w 28 (Pittsburgh) map [xundo]

45 Saw you in line at Comcast - Penn Hills - m4w 45 (Penn Hills) map [xundo]

sexy black girl with big gorgeous tits, we hooked up a few times - m4w (Pleasant Hills) [xundo]

hyundia moon twp.service dept. - m4w (moon twp) [xundo]

32 UPMC Shadyside - m4w 32 (pittsburgh) map [xundo]

Very Tall Beauty At Gyro Place - m4w (West Mifflin) [xundo]

Hottest girl mustang at Sunoco - m4w (Mt Lebanon) [xundo]

Sports Mom... - m4w (Belle Vernon) [xundo]

Ive seen you walking - Stealth Building - m4w (southpointe) map [xundo]

You said I should let you go - m4w (Shadyside) [xundo]

24 we met on vacation - m4w 24 (pittsburgh) [xundo]

Dying inside - m4w (the stars) [xundo]

You couldn't find your keys - m4w (Westmoreland Mall) [xundo]

42 We met on here and loved each others' butt. - m4w 42 (My couch, floor, bed.) pic [xundo]

Sam's Club - m4w (Washington) [xundo]

SushiFuku - m4w (Oakland/shadyside) map [xundo]

Red nails left lip piercing - m4w (pitt) [xundo]

jcpenny at mall - m4w (westmoreland) map [xundo]

37 C- just want you to be happy - m4w 37 (North of Pittsburgh) [xundo]

penn ave fish co - m4w (Strip district) [xundo]

Gorgeous at the gym - m4w (Planet Fitness Greensburg) [xundo]

50 Heather from New Ken, where are you??? - m4w 50 (new Ken/Arnold,Lower Burrell) [xundo]

33 East liberty bus station - m4w 33 (Busway) [xundo]

Incline ride Sunday morning 8/23 - m4w (Pittsburgh) [xundo]

you gave me directions dowtown :-) - m4w (pittsburgh) [xundo]

34 Deb at GetGo in Shaler - m4w 34 (Shaler) pic map [xundo]

24 I came over only once. Your a mechanic - m4w 24 (Pittsburgh) pic [xundo]

36 Is there anyone on this website that won't turn against you? - m4w 36 (Out there) [xundo]

Floral skirt girl biking to Spak Bros - m4w (Spak Bros) [xundo]

citi trends Pittsburgh - m4w (Pittsburgh) [xundo]

Exchanged Huge Smile - m4w (Chippewa Fire Mountain) [xundo]

Girl with red hair said hi to me by the Bank in Bellevue - m4w (Bellevue) [xundo]

African American worker girl at UPS store moon twp - m4w [xundo]

38 Girl in blue dress at Advance Auto - m4w 38 (Penn hills, pa) [xundo]

23 Friendship park tanning - m4w 23 [xundo]

To the whore I called my girlfriend - m4w [xundo]

seen you driving back to garage..B.M. - m4w (westmoreland) [xundo]

speedway - m4w (murrysville) [xundo]

A Cat Named Ringo - m4w (Giant Eagle Shadyside) [xundo]

Edgewood Town Center Giant Eagle - m4w (Edgewood) [xundo]

GetGo route 40 - m4w (Centerville) [xundo]

28 South. Girl on Red Motorcycle - m4w (28 South) [xundo]

42 Beau Mart Tan Beauty - m4w 42 (Beau Mart/East Beau St) map [xundo]

37 Sarah in South Hills - m4w 37 (pet store) pic [xundo]

sexy lady waiting for parking spot - m4w (butler) map [xundo]

garfield girl with crate - m4w (garfield) [xundo]

beautiful blond - m4w (Fair) [xundo]

Gia - m4w (Los Angeles) [xundo]

Beautiful women at the deli who almost forgot the pepperoni - m4w (Robinson Walmart) pic [xundo]

Miss Texas - m4w (Holiday Inn) [xundo]

Erin from Whole Foods - m4w (Shadyside) [xundo]

sunday afternoon LA Fitness Robinson - m4w (Robinson Twp) [xundo]

Blonde walking in Bellevue getting yelled at by a guy in a van - m4w (Bellevue) [xundo]

Redish hair & homework Crazy Mocha on Baum Thur AM 8/20 - m4w (Crazy Mocha Baum Blvd) pic [xundo]

Cruds - m4w (Braddock) [xundo]

36 Nordstroms - m4w 36 (Ross park) [xundo]

Awesome Designer - m4w (Greensburg) [xundo]

25 Ren Faire masseuse - m4w 25 (Pittsburgh ren faire) [xundo]

47 Small is Beautiful - m4w 47 (East of Butler) [xundo]

mad mex hostess - m4w (Shadyside) [xundo]

36 thinking of her - m4w 36 (pittsburgh) [xundo]

Floor radio wheeling needs you tonight - m4w (Pittsburgh) map [xundo]

29 panera - m4w 29 (settlers ridge) [xundo]

Pretty Brunette - m4w (Downtown - Wm. Penn Place 12:45 pm) map [xundo]

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