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i know u read these everyday or so - w4m (PGH) [xundo]

Well, it doesn't look good for us. - w4m [xundo]

The two of us met up at Chieko's apartment warming soiree - w4m (North Side) pic [xundo]

Re: Letting Go M4w&W4m - m4w (Not this world) [xundo]

Re: Letting Go - w4m - m4w [xundo]

to the horrible guy who broke my heart, from the horrible girl - w4m (east end) [xundo]

Talked at the V.A. in oakland - w4m (pghHi) [xundo]

re: Talked in chat on Okmeet - w4m [xundo]

re re:C- just want you to be happy - w4m [xundo]

RE-i saw your earlier post - w4m (pittsburgh) [xundo]

I saw your earlier post - w4m (Latrobe) map [xundo]

Breakfast - w4m (Beaver) [xundo]

Looking for my paramedic - w4m (near Pittsburgh) [xundo]

ISO Scotty G - w4m (Pittsburgh) [xundo]

The two of us met during Suanne's house warming get-together - w4m (Downtown) pic [xundo]

Walmart - w4m (Chippewa) map [xundo]

Hot marine on bike - w4m (Sheets Babcock) [xundo]

48 Happy Birthday - w4m 48 [xundo]

28 Pulling out of Mr. Biggs with a CUTE DOG - w4m 28 (Meadowlands, Washington pa) [xundo]

Happy Birthday Kevin! - w4m (Latrobe) map [xundo]

Nick From Ohio - w4m (Doubletree) [xundo]

you cut in front of me in line sheetz Monroeville - w4m (sheetz) [xundo]

24 C on flight from Charlotte to Pittsburgh - w4m map [xundo]

RE: RE : Too bad - w4m [xundo]

Cable guy - w4m (Pitt) [xundo]

Steven or Stephen at Lil Vegas - w4m [xundo]

long shot - w4m (moraine state park) [xundo]

GWARBQ- HILTON- ?? FAULKNER - w4m (RVA-(Pittsburg)) [xundo]

26 Jesse's Girl - w4m 26 (All over the Burgh) [xundo]

35 Waiting for him. - w4m 35 map [xundo]

The Meaning of 8 - w4m (PGH) [xundo]

trader joes freezer isle sunday 8/16 - w4m (trader joes east liberty) map [xundo]

Tim, my table companion at a slightly awkward brunch - w4m (Zenith Cafe) [xundo]

A Love Letter to a Lost Connection - w4m (South Hills) [xundo]

22 blue eyed Panera customer!! - w4m 22 (Oakland) [xundo]

CoGo's today - w4m (Dormont) [xundo]

Hot Harley Guy at the light on Sandy Creek Road - w4m (Penn Hills) map [xundo]

station square pay station - w4m [xundo]

22 bodybuilder walking in Bloomfield on liberty. shorts and tank top - w4m 22 (Bloomfield, liberty ave) [xundo]

re: work wife - w4m (pittsburgh) [xundo]

40 Beau - w4m 40 (South) [xundo]

I don't know - w4m [xundo]

34 Talked in chat on Okmeet - w4m 34 [xundo]

Tattooed cyclist - w4m (Jail Trail) [xundo]

Re It Hurts/Your Absence - w4m (In My Head) - w4m (Shaler Area) [xundo]

re: somewhere in cheswick - w4m [xundo]

we met on here - w4m [xundo]

It Hurts/Your Absence - w4m (In My Head) [xundo]

Yes I do - m4w (hill st) - w4m [xundo]

32 talked in chat - w4m 32 (pittsburgh) [xundo]

I miss you werdna - w4m [xundo]

RE : "Re: Its getting harder and harder to distract myself - w4m" pic [xundo]

You drive a bus, sometimes it is the 61B - w4m (Regent Square) [xundo]

RE: So where do you go all weekend - w4m [xundo]

So where do you go all weekend - w4m [xundo]

34 Ginger in the jeep - w4m 34 (Browns Hill road) [xundo]

Guy selling sunglasses at the Big Butler Fair - w4m (Butler) [xundo]

Hot Biker on Blue Harley - w4m (Butler) [xundo]

Get Go - w4m (Monroeville) [xundo]

Hahaha - m4w post - w4m [xundo]

Target university town center - w4m (Morgnatown) [xundo]

Tall, Dark & Handsome - w4m (Oakland) [xundo]

That Guy with the Mug Glued to his Car Roof - w4m (Greensburg) [xundo]

you are looking for Becky - w4m [xundo]

Sunoco Rt.30 Brown Haired Boy with Septum Pierced - w4m (Greensburg) [xundo]

Monaca walmart - w4m (Grocery side) [xundo]

"I can't give up on you... - w4m" pic [xundo]

Saw you in Latrobe then in Ligonier - w4m (Latrobe) [xundo]

47 I can't stop thinking about the man on the Hyabusa today - w4m 47 (Heidelburg/Walmart Parking Lot) [xundo]

Advice for those you have a MC like my JC - w4m (Away from Kittanning) [xundo]

I like......w4m m4w - w4m (Your nightmare) [xundo]

Compartmentalization - w4m (Pgh) [xundo]

26 Open Streets Hottie - w4m 26 (Lawrenceville) map [xundo]

Looking for JRC - w4m (Irwin) [xundo]

Once in a Blue Moon - w4m (Grapperia) [xundo]

Bridgeville Cop - w4m [xundo]

22 Whole Foods Wexford - w4m 22 (Wexford, PA) [xundo]

handsome tatted guy - w4m (38th and butler st) [xundo]

Army rt 8 - w4m (Gibsonia) map [xundo]

27 Hot guy in white ford with FERGUSON on the side - w4m 27 (Warrendale) [xundo]

Blue Eyed Guy on Library T - w4m (Pittsburgh) [xundo]

green and black muscle car - w4m [xundo]

41 Joe if ur out there I've been thinking about u - w4m 41 (beaver county/ cranberry twp.) [xundo]

avalon/bellevue police - w4m [xundo]

Hot Trooper - w4m (Uniontown) [xundo]

25 79-279 Diesel Cowboy - w4m 25 (Harmony/Zelienople Exit) map [xundo]

Call me! - w4m (SF) [xundo]

34 Carnegie-iron & wine - w4m 34 [xundo]

Omega - w4m (Ross park mall) [xundo]

I just need to know - w4m [xundo]

Beautiful bearded man at Mcfaddens last night - w4m (Mcfaddens) [xundo]

Andrew (lion shirt) - w4m (Newport, RI) [xundo]

Barge Boss - w4m (United States) map [xundo]

33 SHAG Church on Bethel Church rd - w4m 33 (South Hills) [xundo]

GE MD Check Out - w4m (Shadyside) [xundo]

so where are you all these days and nights? - w4m (????????????) [xundo]

27 Where are you country boy in your Silverado - w4m 27 (Steubenville Pike) pic [xundo]

31 How I say your name aloud - w4m 31 (East End) [xundo]

24 Screaming f*** you to the moon - w4m 24 (Natrona heights) [xundo]

25 I've missed you - w4m 25 (Tarentum) [xundo]

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