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posted sat aug 30

Aug 30 re Forward Whatever pic

Aug 30 Forward, to the breaking point.

posted fri aug 29

Aug 29 He's loose (in white coats) pic

Aug 29 What a guy huh? (BBQ) pic

Aug 29 This just in (looking for sanity) pic

Aug 29 dems and other communists (draft board) pic

Aug 29 Remember the Deep GOP Gov Bench of a few Years Ago?

Aug 29 RE Crazy White Guys - (everywhere) map

Aug 29 Trying to get Site Exposure map

Aug 29 TMOT : The Minister of Truth (A true black leader) map

posted thu aug 28

Aug 28 Crazy White Guys

Aug 28 Look!!! (Mr. Right) pic map

Aug 28 "The US is a nation of laws" (We'll respect your sovereign state....)

Aug 28 Re: Yes Obamacare is cutting the budget (Thanks Obama) (for what?) (Reality) pic

Aug 28 Thanks Obama??? (that may be true but...)

Aug 28 Smith Twp, Washington County residents beware!! (Washington County, Pa) map

Aug 28 Yes, Obamacare is cutting the deficit (Thanks Obama!) pic

Aug 28 RE: Booze (Bon Air)

Aug 28 re Now fuck off and go eat dick libtards

Aug 28 Balloon-juice (Shallow, uninformed, and lacking identit)

posted wed aug 27

Aug 27 re : Live by the gun. Die by the gun (Asshole #5001) map

Aug 27 re Die by The Gun pic

Aug 27 Live by the gun. Die by the gun.

Aug 27 To: "lay off the weed, buddy" (Here)

Aug 27 Do you ever respond to anyone without attacking them? (surely he jests )

Aug 27 More Republicans need to smoke cannabis (Weedville Pa)

Aug 27 Johnny the drunkard Awesome ? (most likely)

Aug 27 Re: Weed People (Johnny Awesome) map

Aug 27 It's IMPOSSIBLE to die from smoking too much weed

Aug 27 re3 re re lay off the booze

Aug 27 Spoken like a true booze soaked Republican

Aug 27 re RE Idiotville (Weedsville)

Aug 27 re booze

Aug 27 RE Idiotville

Aug 27 re re lay off the booze map

Aug 27 Re: Lay off the booze (Idiotville) map

Aug 27 Lay off the booze

Aug 27 Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi! (Johnny Awesome) map

Aug 27 Aaaahhh Warren Buffet the Liberal's hero (Johnny (Always) Awesome) map

Aug 27 re Marijuana initiative? (Lay off the weed buddy)

Aug 27 Marijuana initiative? (The ultimate oxymoron)

Aug 27 re need backup

Aug 27 Need backup (CONSERVANATER ELITE PRO) pic

Aug 27 Jerk #1 pic

Aug 27 Circle of Jerks

posted tue aug 26

Aug 26 Finally an honest liberal, Shows there true stripes (Reality)

Aug 26 How many MORE lies will America tollerate (Reality)

Aug 26 Oh! Please BUILD THE CAMPS!!! (pissyburg) pic

Aug 26 Golf & Fundraising Time (The Real Johnny(Always) Awesome) map

Aug 26 Vacation Time (Johnny (Golfing) Awesome) pic

Aug 26 Yet another company looking to move out of here (Johnny Awesome) map

Aug 26 Who would want to have their picture taken? (With Joe Biden?)

Aug 26 Reality. . .. (Exceptional!)

Aug 26 another great quote (from O give me a brake)

Aug 26 Oh yeah about Benghazi....FACTS (Reality) pic

Aug 26 Re: Citizens of the US - So how do you like Obama now? Answer Key! (Butler, Pa.)

posted mon aug 25


Aug 25 10 hours ago Pissburg sez: My Ass Hurts! (Pitts.I Gots Nickie's Wood) (Johnny (Listening 4 the thump) Awesome) pic map

Aug 25 Re: Someone can't read - Way to Gullible (Johnny (Baiting em) Awesomely) map

Aug 25 Someone can't read ( Better than ten years ago )

Aug 25 Re: Is The Call Center Busy? Apparently NOT! (Johnny (Watching IT Fall) Awesomely) pic map

Aug 25 Davy likes rap (In today's world) map

Aug 25 What if Pitts...Boar really is going off the deep end? (Johnny (Chopping at em) Awesomely) map

Aug 25 He likes Skynyrd ( Better than ten years ago )

Aug 25 re: Upper St. Clair pic

Aug 25 America

Aug 25 Little League? (The team that played the best. . .)

Aug 25 Re: Redneck Johnny (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome) map

Aug 25 Poor Pissburgh now claims he took one up the ass (Johnny (Always) Awesome) map

Aug 25 Poor Pissburgh Still chasing the rays (Johnny (Remarkable) Awesome) map

Aug 25 My Ass Hurts! (Pitts....I Gots Johnny Wood) pic

Aug 25 Citizens of the US - So how do you like Obama now? (Butler, Pa)

posted sun aug 24

Aug 24 Hey Pissburgh Sissy Boy (Redneck Johnny & Lovin It) pic map

Aug 24 re Johnny Is From Upper St. Clair pic

Aug 24 Re: South Korea (Johnny.... Pitts is from Uranus) pic map

Aug 24 Upper St. Clair

Aug 24 re: next for the liberal agend

Aug 24 next for the liberal agenda (especially Pitts..boar ) pic

posted sat aug 23

Aug 23 Re:Libtards are like little kiddies (Pittsburgh)

Aug 23 To the gentleman (Baiting)

Aug 23 Re-Libtards are like children. . .. . . (Everywhere)

Aug 23 for the pissburgh dude pic

Aug 23 hey pissburgh aka johnny boy (i'm johnny tooooooo!) pic

Aug 23 Libtards are like little kiddies pic

posted fri aug 22

Aug 22 really pissburg? I see the pattern pic

Aug 22 oh pissburg, look familar? pic

Aug 22 RE: the first Just Wondering (I once wondered too)

Aug 22 Just wondering? pic


Aug 22 Just wondering

Aug 22 The original Birther bashes the Harvard Flunkie on his policies (Johnny Awesome) map

Aug 22 Here we go (With the flagging again)

Aug 22 I thought you said I was SKIPPY

Aug 22 Re: Pitts..WooWho Johnny Boy (Johnny (Always) Awesome) map

Aug 22 Hey I almost forgot.... (Johnny (Graciously) Awesome) map

Aug 22 RE Benghazi, Benghazi !!!! (everywhere)

Aug 22 re: Re: re: Re: Typical conservative (Mr. Right)

posted thu aug 21

Aug 21 Re: re: Re: Typical conservative (Mr. Right) map

Aug 21 rotational velocidensity (According to my IT guy,)

Aug 21 re: Re: Typical conservative (Mr. Right)

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